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Sam Reese

I am many things: a published author, a husband, a son, a friend, and an intellectual. I enjoy writing, reading, discussing, and laughing. Horror is my favorite genre for film, fantasy is my favorite for reading, heavy metal in all its forms is my favorite genre of music, and I write in various genres, though my published works are decidedly horror. But I don't limit myself to these things, and I get frustrated when others try to limit me by them.
Injustice, pain, suffering...these things bother me, and they appear to permeate every area of life. But I still contend, even in the darkest places, that life is beautiful.
Oh, and Joss Whedon hates Firefly fans. Serenity the movie is ample evidence for that. I mean, seriously, where was Vera in that movie?You can see what I'm up to at www.supernaturalsam.com

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What do you want to see?
by Sam Reese
5 years ago
How Tiger Beer And Shark Eyes Saved Lives In Vietnam

A short story about one of my stepfather's adventures as a soldier during the Vietnam War.

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