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What do you want to see?
by savickram
7 years ago
Sailing Stones : Do they SAIL by themselves ?

This article discusses about the first documented geological phenomenon of Sailing Stones, where rocks sail without human or animal intervention. This article traces the history of first observation and then research & experiments & theories for the cause of sailing stones. It concludes by providing the best possible postulate and technologies difficulties even in the advanced times to record this phenomenon.

by savickram
8 years ago
Choose Strong Passwords, easy to remember and tough to crack

How to choose a different password for each site on the Internet and still remember all of them with ease. Tips and tricks to beat the hackers and social engineers at their own game.

by savickram
8 years ago
Top 13 Tips to get perfect Sleep

The article provides tips to the reader to follow in order to achieve Deep Sleep. The daily activities that we perform before sleep and the diet will have direct impact on the quality of the sleep as well as the surroundings that you doze off in will determine the quality of the sleep that you get. Altering the sequence of events and avoiding a couple of things will go a long way in aiding good sleep. Importance of sleep cannot be stressed more in this ALWAYS ON lifestyle.

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