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Life has shaped me well. After having worked in law enforcement for almost a decade, I decided to start a NEW part in my life. Driven by my PASSION for the United States and my endless hunger for new knowledge, I decided to quit my safe job and immigrate to Ohio. It was important for me to start this adventure at a renowned, respected university. My choice to attend Miami University of Ohio was the best decision I have lately taken.It took me a semester long until I discovered my huge INTEREST for web-design, web-development, photography and film. Up to that moment, I had never nurtured my creative side. On Lynda.com, a library containing massive amounts of tutorials, I taught myself the basics of HTML5, CSS and PHOTOGRAPHY. I subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud and am currently exploring Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator. This semester I am taking two courses that really fascinate me.In the Flash Animation course I learn how to use Adobe’s software that seems to have endless possibilities. Combined with some basic knowledge of Java and Actionscript 3.0, I can already create interesting animations.In the very interesting course Humanities and Technology, I learn how modern media influences our society and how we can manufacture media, so that it serves our purpose. Two bigger media projects have given me the opportunity to experiment with video editing and filming.I have already registered for the following courses for spring semester:Web- and Interaction DesignWeb Interaction ProgrammingArt and Digital ToolsI am grateful having discovered my true PASSION in life. I am now looking for experience in MEDIA CREATION with a focus on web design and development.

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