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Alright, to keep things short so you can snag an idea of me. I currently live in South side of the Bronx, NY and have been referred to a “dip of vanilla in a tub of chocolate” by those who live here.
 I have worked with music and recording and have always had a fascination with it. Big fanatic about reading and art since I was young and I carry this belief that it's something anyone can do. 


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What do you want to see?
by shindig
7 years ago
Dynamic Microphone vs Condenser Microphones

What in the world is a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone? Many do not really know the difference except they simply "look different". However, each has it's purpose and knowing their purpose can lead you to making your "mix CD love song" recordings that you give to your girl friend, in the words of Nat King Cole, "Unforgettable".

by shindig
7 years ago
Music Recording Programs

The power of music has echoed throughout time and can now resinate in your own living room. All one needs is a computer, a few programs, and the ability to press "record".

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