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Hi I am Claire, often known online as Skeffling.  I have been having a lot of success with Amazon lately, especially on Squidoo,  and I have been busy training my husband to Internet Market.  He has been laid off since labor day from his engineering job and we have chosen for him to join me online.  I have some tips on earning online on  my blog
Skeffling's Make Money Online 
I have been posting tips and sharing things I have noticed and I do that increase affiliate earnings online.  I love reasearching and tweaking and we have been lucky to have our earnings take off so well.  
I am also working on an ebook to give a more organized idea of what I do on Squidoo with Amazon and what you can do to have similar success.  I hope to have it done soon.
I have learned a ton from the Infobarrel forum and want to give back.    I hope people comment on the blog and share their tips too for other readers!
 Here's a recent post to give you an idea of the type of articles,
How do you get 60% + click through on Squidoo product articles?
Skeffling is a tiny hamlet in East Yorkshire, England where I spent happy times at my Grandparents small-holding.  It's the only Skeffling in the world and my roots are there.
We have worked on being self-sufficient for 11 years now and have learned a lot!  I share the easiest ways to do gardening, chickenry, beekeeping, recipes, drying herbs and vegetables, making jam, jellies, chutney, salsa, and pickles, wine-making, bread-making, cheese-making, farming and drying lavender, savvy shopping and give general hobby-farming and homesteading tips.  
Here on Skeffling Lavender Farm, we really enjoy the chickens, and I write about them on my Easy Chickenry site. 
I have 4 neat Zazzle gift Stores with

Antique Easter Postcards & Gifts
Rare Poultry Gifts
Belted Galloway Gifts
Images of Antique lace, linen & lavender

With working outside so much, I have become a connoisseur of being comfortable when wet and cold outside so have shopping tips in the following blogs:

Insulated Coveralls
Hunter Rain Boots
Ladies Pink Wellies
Hunter Welly Warmers

If you have ideas for great helpful articles or want to learn from the helpful Infobarrel team writing tips and help then click here and get started making a passive income today! 
If you write enough high quality articles about things you love, maybe you can stop working a day job!  I am a dentist, and in July 2012, I met my goal (5 months early) of giving up working as a dentist, just over a  year after starting to write online. 

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8 years ago
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by skeffling
8 years ago
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by skeffling
8 years ago
Using a Convection Oven to Dry and Dehydrate your Herbs for Herbal Teas - Chamomile

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Pets & Animals
by skeffling
8 years ago
Rare and Heritage Breed Chickens - Surprising things we have learned while keeping them

So you think you want start keeping chickens in the garden for your own organic free range eggs? Here are the some of the surprises we have had keeping rare heritage poultry breeds. Most are good surprises. If you want an insight into keeping chickens and to learn from our experience, read on!

Pets & Animals
by skeffling
8 years ago
Belgian D'Uccle Bantam Chickens - Why are they a favourite Heritage Chicken Breed?

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Pets & Animals
by skeffling
8 years ago
Principles of Wrapping & Packaging Fertilised Chicken Hatching Eggs for Safe Mailing

Here are some principles of securely wrapping and padding your fertilized chicken, turkey and other poultry eggs for shipping in the mail or courier. If you want to design your own method, using materials you have on hand, here are some ideas for getting started.

Pets & Animals
by skeffling
8 years ago
How to Wrap & Pack Fertilized Poultry & Chicken Hatching Eggs for Shipping & Mailing

If you need to know a fast, easy, safe and inexpensive way for packing fertilised chicken eggs for hatching in the incubator, read on. Avoid disappointment for your rare and heritage chicken breed egg buyers and make sure the fertile poultry eggs don't break when shipped and mailed!

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