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Hello everyone!
My name is Sofi and I am a learning junkie. I love to learn anything that creates value to others and help others to create value for themselves and others, eventually. I believe this is an excellent platform for me to learn anything and everything, and also for me to share rich and valueable knowledge to everyone.
I am a soft skills and computer trainer and simply love interacting with people and enriching their lives and mine too. During my free time, I read articles that interest me and write about my life experiences and lessons learned in life too. I love to travel around the world, discover more about the beauty of nature, secrets of the world and go for an adventure of the lifetime. 
I am a newbie and each time I visit this page, I am highly motivated and inspired by the knowledge that is being shared here! Looking forward to learn and be as successful and inspiring writers like most of you are! Take care and will see you around here:)

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6 years ago
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Are you unsure about the next step in life? Whether should you change the job or stick with it? Retire comfortably in a completely different location or stay the same place? Amidst all the big, heavy consequences, it all begins with a simple question.

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