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Hello friendly internet travelers. My name is Scott. I am a former United States soldier turned freelance article writer. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and storming enemy fortresses to rescue damsels in distress. I am roughly two hundred and ten pounds on fun and have a chronic, almost obsessive, need to write. At any rate I mostly write interesting fiction, but I do blog and article write in generally for specific people.I'm currently giving Infobarrel a try to ascertain as to whether they will be worthy of my time and effort.I also, write for other sites, such as Hubpages and Knoji, which pays upfront for some articles and does rev sharing, you can also submit fiction and poetry that can allow for such rev sharing.  One place i've spent a lot of time at of late is called Bubblews. The social networking site that pays you to use it. Free to join, and can make a nice bit of cash just posting and socializing.

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by soldieroflove
6 years ago
The Zombie Apocalypse and Why You Want It to Happen

Have you considered the ultimate meaning of the Zombie apocalypse? The truth is revealed within this article. Do you seek power, fame, wealth, love, or simply peace of mind? The Zombie apocalypse is just what you're looking for!

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