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Sean S. Musins

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What do you want to see?
by Sean S. Musins
4 years ago
Taking a Chance: Personal Growth through Boldness and Risk Taking

It is the little experiences in life that add up to who we are as people. Although we often wish we could erase some errant part of our past, doing so would change who we are today and our learned fear of taking a risk keeps us from growing more. "Taking a Chance:..." tells a story about lessons learned the hard way and takes a look at how we can experience continued growth by taking risks.

by Sean S. Musins
4 years ago
What is Fracking: A Simple Description of a Complicated Process

Fracking is a hot topic recently. To the frustration of industry insiders, newscasters and pundents have spread the term around so much that it has almost replaced the proper industry titles such as oil & gas. Ironically, many of the people talking about fracking have little or no understanding of what it actually is. This article will ignore the political and social issues surrounding the process and focus completely on what fracking is and how it works.

by Sean S. Musins
4 years ago
The Fear of Public Speaking: Identifying and Managing the Fight or Flight Response

The fear of public speaking is real for almost everyone, and paralyzing for many. Countless videos, articles, and books offer very good advice on the subject but most fall short of addressing the underlying cause. The fear of public speaking is not something we can reason with or simply choose to overcome; it is, in large part, a bio chemical response that we must learn to manage. This post discusses the root of the problem and makes suggestions on managing it.

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