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What do you want to see?
by tadasland
7 years ago
How Your Unnoticed Anger Disorder Can Make You Sick as a Dog

Have you ever noticed how the "fight or flight" impulse is actually hardwired into you in order to cope with perceived hazards to your survival? Regardless, whether one has any anger disorders or not, under stress, the body produces very specific hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, that boost the heart speed, accelerate breathing, and deliver a burst of strength. Some folks with anger disorders, can live in this state day after day but there is a surprising trade-off for this state of ultra-readiness. It has to do with your health.

by tadasland
7 years ago
How to Deal with Angry People at Work Without Becoming Enemies

Some say working with angry people is like living among hyenas. You always have to watch your back and any bite can instantly throw you out of harmony and destroy a perfectly nice day. In order to deal with angry people at work you must first arm yourself with a powerful frame of mind and lots of patience. If you can manage this, then effectively coping with angry colleagues turns into second nature.

by tadasland
8 years ago
Anger Management Primer for an Environmental Activist

When the world seems to be falling apart and our actions to save the environment are seem to be all in vein wise ones look for answers within. They adjust, it is wise improve one's emotional intelligence by learning some anger management techniques and find courage to move forwards. The question remains - how?

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