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Husband, Father of 2, Phy. Ed. Teacher, Athletic Director, and Owner or 5 STar Baseball Clinic for 10+ years!

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What do you want to see?
by 5StarCoach
5 years ago
Kids Exercising with Tires

This article describes 4 fun and effective exercise drills that young athletes can perform to increase their fitness level, speed, power, and core strength.

by 5StarCoach
5 years ago
Parents, Please Don't Let Your Child Quit in the Middle of a Season!

One of the great things about athletics is that it has the capability of teaching young children life lessons, unfortunately sometimes parents miss out on this opportunity, and at times teach their children the wrong lesson.

by 5StarCoach
5 years ago
3 Reasons Teachers Should do an Olympics Unit

Teachers should take advantage of the Olympics by using them as a tool to engage students for great learning results.

by 5StarCoach
5 years ago
How to Make Extra Money as an Elementary School Teacher

Teachers are always looking for extra income, well here is a way to generate some extra money. I am an elementary school teacher and implemented this source of revenue and at times made $100 in only 35 minutes!

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