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Online writing opens doors to those who wish to earn a little cash for sharing their infinate wisdom! If like me; you enjoy writing and want to earn some passive income then join Infobarrel here its free to join and with todays financial uncertainty there is no better place to start!
There are many online writing sites out there but i'm yet to find one as friendly and hospitable as this one; what surprises me most is the amount of help and advice IB members are willing to give.  Its homely and somewhat priceless.  Check out JadeDragons profile pages for 'how to articles' and more!.... good luck!

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What do you want to see?
by Trisha
7 years ago
Clothing that the British Army buy for comfort

The British Army are issued all the kit they could ever need to carry out their daily job. From sleeping bags and sunglasses to Parade dress and Assault boots. If all this is granted at no cost to the individual then why are soldiers so insistent on paying out to buy additional kit? The answers are simple; to be more efficient, comfortable and look the part but these qualities come at a price.

Home & Garden
by Trisha
7 years ago
The Best LED flameless candles - to buy online

It doesn't take the brains of an Arch Bishop to realise just how much of a fire hazard regular wax candles can be, not to mention when you have toddlers spinning around like the tasmanian devil thinking, "ooh shiny, i wonder what happens if i touch it?" These days we no longer require a wick, just 1 or 2 batteries or a recharging unit and Bob's your uncle. The flameless LED candles are surprisingly cheap and realistic and will compliment any home decor just nicely.

Pets & Animals
by Trisha
7 years ago
The Dogs Trust and how you can help

The number of abandoned and stray dogs is on the increase and with your support, and the selflessness of the team at Dogs Trust; our fury friends are being given a second chance. With the economic downturn it is no surprise that people simply can't afford the upkeep of their dogs. In some cases this results in owners turfing their once loved companion out in the cold, when it doesn't have to end this way. Your unwanted dog has a better chance of finding a forever home if you take it to your local adoption centre, as any history will improve it's chances.

by Trisha
7 years ago
Homemade Food V's Convenience Food

Ever secretly argued with yourself as to whether to buy convenience food or cook from scratch, only to choose the easier option at the disgust of your parents?. We often feel guilty everytime we chose a jar of hollandaise sauce over making it from raw ingredients, partially because it's easy and less time consuming. This article will argue the case by using a realisitic perspective towards homecooked and convenience foods. It's not all bad.

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