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Jason Delcour

I'm an Oregon Registered Professional Geologist with a couple of decades of technnical experience in oil field and environmental geology.  I have a bachelor of science degree in geology with a lot of post graduate work in hydrogeology.  
I've owned a water purification business for about 15 years, along with rental property in Hawaii and Oregon.  I write travel articles for publication and my own blog.  
As a resident of Texas, Louisiana, California, Alaska, Oregon, and Hawaii in the U.S., I've seen much of the Western  and southern United States.   I've also lived in Germany, France, a month in the UK, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, and Australia.  If you haven't guessed, I like to travel.  
I'm married with two teen  daughters (yikes! MUCH harder than it looks), and currently have residences in Hawaii and western Oregon.  I love hiking, biking, reading, and lately kayaking, both streams and ocean.  One of my favorite places on earth is the Almbach Klamm outside of Berchtesgaden, Germany.  

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What do you want to see?
by Jason Delcour
4 years ago
Top Five Reasons to Filter Your Tap Water

About 60% of the human body is made of water. Good drinking water is a vital part of our lives and the basis for good health. There are far more than five reasons to make sure that your drinking water and the water you bathe in is free of toxic chemicals and disease-causing micro organisms, but if you know the top five, you'll never think of tap water the same way again.

by Jason Delcour
5 years ago
Science Toys: An Inspiring Gift for Kids

If the mind is a fire to be kindled, finding the combination of fuel and ignition that will light a child's love for learning is an enormous challenge. A simple instrument like a radiometer may be one of the sparks that will inspire kids to learn. These inexpensive gadgets are fun, interesting, and exist outside of cyberspace.

Travel & Places
by Jason Delcour
5 years ago
Best Oregon Scenery: Spectacular Silver Falls

Silver Falls State Park in the foothills of Oregon's Cascade Mountains is an underrated world class wonder. Shaded by old-growth timber that towers above the rocky landscape, ten spectacular waterfalls, are easily accessible on well-maintained trails. Silver Falls is destination that no Oregon resident or visitor should miss.

by Jason Delcour
5 years ago
Seismology and Earthquake Prediction: It IS Rock Science

Public perception and scientific reality are often worlds apart. Understanding how and where earthquakes occur, the methods for predicting them, and the risks they pose is a critical step to protecting yourself and your family from earthquake hazards.

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