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I enjoy creating, writing, reading (mostly non-fiction), investing, helping people, traveling, hanging out with family & friends, and I love to talk business. 

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What do you want to see?
by Omar
8 years ago
Why Does Nike Charge $315 For Shoes?

The Nike Corporation is introducing a new shoe, named after Lebron James, for $315. This type of shoe pricing is nothing new. For years Nike has been promoting Jordan branded shoes, which are normally priced over $120. So how can Nike get away with pricing shoes over $120?

by Omar
8 years ago
CAPTCHA Codes Are Killing The Web User Experience

CAPTCHA codes are affecting web users and web site codes negatively. The intent of capture codes is to prevent spamming and auto filling programs, but the codes are making it hard of for people who are not spammers.

Business & Money
by Omar
8 years ago
The Best Companies To Invest In Without All The BS

One of the most commonly asked questions amongst people new to stock market investing is, "What is the best stock to invest in?" The better question is,"What is the best company to invest in?" After all stock is a representation of a company.

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