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Vic Dillinger

former Private Investigator ...
I enjoy writing about the offbeat, the unusual, and the forgotten.
I love Latinas in an almost holy, worshipful way.  Ok, so it's not "almost", it is holy and worshipful, so sue me.
My first novel is available for Kindle download: "Trucker Man", set in the future but with problems from the past.
As proof that I'm not completely unable to work and play well with others, check out "Marty the Mouse and the Teakettle House" (written by Gina Kirk, pics by Yours Truly, available from Amazon)
You can find me on facebook.  And finally, my sarcastic, sardonic, snide and sometimes serious look at art on Vic Dillinger @ deviantArt - enjoy.
* Write me (if you dare): vicdillinger@gmail.com  (I'll respond if you're not a jackhole). 

Recent Posts

What do you want to see?
by Vic Dillinger
1 year ago
8 Great: Forgotten Hits of the Late Seventies

Most classic and "oldies" radio and streaming stations play the same old stuff in the same old rotation. But there were a number of songs in the late 1970s, both big and small chart performers, that were good tunes and which deserve more airtime these days than they get.

by Vic Dillinger
3 years ago
Crazy, Mad Love for Camila Mendes

There's a new Latina on the block. Her name is Camila Mendes, and she plays the part of one of America's best known comic book characters, Veronica Lodge, in a live-action series on The CW, "Riverdale".

by Vic Dillinger
3 years ago
Crazy, Mad Love for Charli XCX

Charli XCX, a British popstress, is zipper bustin' good! Her dance/pop music is infectious; furthermore, she is a tasty treat to behold!

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