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My name is Bill Beckett and I am a semi retired night club comedian and actor.
 When I say "semi retired" I mean that I still perform but mostly for seniors now. Being from the "Old School of Comedy" (no profanity) the younger audiences don't seem to be into one liner type comedy.  So I stay where I get the laughs.....Senior centers and after dinner speaking engagements.
I have worked venues in England, hotels in Vegas, Reno, Tahoe and major clubs across the USA. (Of course this is after I paid my dues by working seedy night clubs for a number of years doing three shows a night for low money) I don't think this kind of experience can be had anymore, things have changed in the club business. (Try doing three shows a night and changing your material for each show....AND having to do 45 to 60 minutes of standup each show)
After years on the road I got lucky while appearing at a club in Hollywood and was approached by an agent who signed me for TV commercials. I had a great career with the office appearing in over 150 TV commercials and was the Southern California spokesperson for KFC for a year.
That's it in a nutshell, I have lot of stories to tell about being "On The Road",Who knows maybe one day I'll write a book about them.
Keep Busy,
Bill Beckett
PS. I also directed my own comedy improv class...taught commercials classes and given help and suggestions to would be standup comedians.

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