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Hello peoples
            When i get to these about me sections, i can't quite fulfill everything about me because there are so many great things that i can say about me. Each and every one of us have tons of things to include in these about me sections,however, when i sit here and think about them i freeze. There are so many things i would like to share about me to you .my thoughts start to clog because all of the great things about me are rushing to be the first as i tell them.I don't know if you are following me on this one but thats me.Once you understand me and hear what i bring forth to you then you will know me enough to understand me.Anyway,let's kill all the jibber jash.
I was born and raised in Harlem . i am currently living in New Jerzey. I love fishing the waters for game fish.Music soothes me! If i see a burning building with people trapped in it, i will go in and try to rescue them. I am currently working for a Human Service Agency as a Facilities Coordinator. I have a website "scottigotit". I love kids! I love outdoors! I love animals! I love everyone that hates me and cherish everyone that loves me!

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