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I am passionate outgoing, I try to be the best person I can be in my life I always work hard. At a young age I have always learned to value things wether it maybe a pair of pants to something we eat, anything we have we just did not get it, we ened up working for it, hence I understand the value of things in life. 

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Home & Garden
by xracer786
4 years ago
Basic Gardening For Beginners

You go around the neighborhood looking at everyones lawn or garden and say wow it looks so beautiful. A thought goes in your head I wish my garden can look as good as my neighbors, but you are confused because you do not know where to begin. No worries, I will show you hard it is really easy.

by xracer786
4 years ago
Healthy Lifestyle 101

Ever wondered when we age our bodies start to have problems, why is that? It is simple to be a healthy person we need to take care of ourselves. We are human beings, we are not machines, we cannot go on and on without stopping or resting. The reason why we have so many problems with our health when we age is because of our modern lifestyle.

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