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Troy Preston

 I'm an ex-truck driver and can no longer drive big trucks for a living. I'm following a passion I have had since I was in the photo-journalism class back in high school. I'm 45 years old and it is time to follow my dream of being a writer. Blogs, hubs, lenses, and article writing will be my launching pad into the world of online writing.

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What do you want to see?
by Troy Preston
8 years ago
The Importance Of Green Web Hosting

Choosing a green web hosting company to host their websites is a great way for consumers to help reduce the carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses created when fossil fuels are used to generate the electricity required to operate web hosting servers and data centers. Green web hosts have become aware of their carbon footprint and are taking appropriate action by using renewable energy generating sources.

Business & Money
by Troy Preston
8 years ago
How To Eliminate Credit Card Debt

After reading an article on how long it can take to get out of credit card debt, I set a budget and devised a simple plan to eliminate my credit card debt and end my reliance on credit cards once and for all.

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