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As the owner of Yellowstar*Essentials (customizable aromatherapy products), an Aromatherapy enthusiast, a freelance writer, database builder for a telcom auditing business, and too many more things to list…basically a “Jane of all trades..”, I'm always busy and love it!
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What do you want to see?
by yellowstar2000
7 years ago
How to Aid Healing of Eczema & Psoriasis with Essential Oils and Other Natural Remedies

Differences between eczema and psoriasis, and which essential oils work best for healing eczema and psoriasis, along with other natural remedies. Also learn how to make your own moisturizer, anti-itchy spray, salve, and more natural remedies for eczema & psoriasis

by yellowstar2000
7 years ago
How to Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Articles

Learn the steps ( with example images ) how to insert Amazon affiliate links into your InfoBarrel articles, posts, or websites, no matter which browser you use.

by yellowstar2000
7 years ago
How to Make Natural Tiger Balm

Get relief at home using Tiger balm recipe with (no petroleum products) all natural ingrediets for your aches & pains. This natural pain relief balm works wonders.

Home & Garden
by yellowstar2000
8 years ago
How to Make Ricotta Low Fat Italian Ice Cream

This fabulous summer treat has far less fat and is super tasty, giving you the best of both worlds... ice cream without all the guilt!

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