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My blog   YuppieTalks  focuses on conversations about career and business life. 
I own a site and provide business catalyst templates and  business catalyst services.

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What do you want to see?
by yuppietalks
9 years ago
The Seven Last Words of Jesus Christ

Every year, Christians around the world celebrate Lenten season to commemorate the Passion of the Christ for humanity.  It is also a tradition for many Christian denomination to talk about the Seven Last Words of Jesus during His crucifixion. Below are the traditional order of...

by yuppietalks
9 years ago
The Old and New Covenant

A discussion on the Gospel of Grace in the light of the Old and New Covenant.

by yuppietalks
9 years ago
Renewable Energy for a Healthier Environment


With the ill effects brought upon by climate change and with the security measures now undertaken in order to address climate change, it is only but high time for people to consider other forms of energy production.  Renewable energy is the best...

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