Cornstarch has been around for as long as I can remember, and I have been around for a while. Cornstarch, or corn flour as it is refer to in other countries, is obtained from the kernel of corn. When people think of the uses for cornstarch, they tend to think of food. It is used in cooking as a thickening agent in gravies and sauces. As it is heated, its molecules collide with each other forming a mesh. This mesh makes the other liquids thicker.

Cornstarch can be used for many other things. For example, you can make your own scented body powder using your favorite flowers. Mix fragrant flower petals such as rose, honeysuckle, or lavender with some cornstarch. Shake the mixture several times to infuse the fragrance into the powder and let sit for a few days. Keep doing this until it is well scented. To discard the petals just sift the mixture. Not only will you smell better, you will stay drier as well. You can also put some of your creations on Fido as a dry shampoo. Just rub some of this into the fur to remove excess oil in between washings. When you are done be sure to brush out any extra residue. Your animal should smell fabulous. You can also sprinkle some into your sneakers to absorb oil and lesson the itch of athletes foot.

As for other uses for cornstarch, it is not only good for absorbing oils on the body, but it can also uses to soak up oil off of the carport. Just sprinkle some on the offending area and let sit for awhile, then try sweeping it up. This also works well on grease on clothing. To remove grease from walls mix the cornstarch with some water and apply to wallpaper, rub, rinse, and repeat if necessary. You can sprinkle cornstarch on a muddy spot on carpet and let it sit. When it dries vacuum it up.

As far as the kids go, you can use it make face paint or clown makeup. To make face paint mix 1/2 teaspoon of cold cream with 1/2 teaspoon of water and 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, then add a few drop of food coloring. To make clown makeup mix 2 parts of cornstarch with 1 part of shortening and add food coloring. This is non-toxic and the kids will love it. For the baby, use it on the diaper area instead of talcum powder. It is less likely to be inhaled into the lungs. You can also sprinkle some into their bathwater to protect the skin.

As for the laundry, to make starch, put 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in with 2 pints of cold water into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. If during ironing you scorch your clothes, wet the area and sprinkle cornstarch on the spot and brush off the excess when it dries.

To get rid of pesky roaches, you can mix half and half of Plaster of Paris and cornstarch. Place in cracks and crevices around floors and anywhere that roaches have appeared. This will get rid of the infestation. I know that there are many other uses for cornstarch, but these are some of the more interesting ones, so have fun with your cornstarch.