Turquoise fabric is something that you can keep in your fabric supply or your craft project closet. This is one of the hottest colors in both decorating and fashion right now. This means that you can really use it in a variety of ways whether you want to decorate your own home or give it as a gift.

Consider this as an easy update to cabinetry. You could just put the fabric inside the glass. This is going to really give a lot of privacy to a vanity or kitchen cabinets so you can hide away unsightly items. At the same time, it can also be removable. If you go with a botanical print then this can seem very modern and you'll want to keep the turquoise fabric very flat. If you want more of a country look then try a turquoise check or just a plain solid piece and then use curtain rods to really give it a pleated kind of effect.

There are probably already fabric elements in your room that you don't think about. For instance a lot of lampshades are covered in fabric. In this case you want to go with more of a modern style of base if you have a brighter colored shade. This is going to make it more contemporary. In this case stick with a silver or a brushed stainless steel which is quite easy to track down so it's usually one of the least expensive options out there. You could also just paint the base the same turquoise color or a chocolate brown. Brown and blue are pretty basic color combinations that are still very popular in the design world.

You can also have a lot of fun by using this as artwork. In this case, you could even just get a lot of precut squares and apply them directly to the canvas or even a piece of cardboard and frame them out. This is a way to really get one of a kind artwork from items that you already have in your home.

A turquoise fabric can be the jumping off point for the rest of your design style. For instance, if this is something that you use on your window treatments or your bedding then just incorporate this into the rest of your room. Pull out a complimentary taupe to use as your wall color. In a bedroom you could even paint your nightstands turquoise, if you're going for more of a shabby chic kind of space. You probably don't want to use turquoise on your walls depending on how much room you have. Against the turquoise fabric it's going to be a little bit loud. In such a case neutral colors probably are a better way to go unless you're decorating a teenager's room where bright colors reign supreme.

This can also be a simple upholstery project. You might have a basic beige sofa and you just want to give it new life. If you want a beach effect then go with a stripe that incorporates a soft blue as well as a tan. The turquoise fabric can relate back to the couch and just adds a splash of color into your room.

You can also have a lot of fun by turning the fabric into a mural. You can apply it directly to the wall, although you will have to worry about repeating patterns and it will be a little bit expensive just because this is more costly than wallpaper or paint.

This is also something they can use in a lot of smaller craft projects. You could cover storage boxes in your home office. You could also use it as the basis of a bulletin board. This is going to lend a lot of color to just a neutral room that might have been forgotten.

If you're really feeling adventurous then try this on your actual furniture. Of course since this is a trendy color you need to make sure that you're really committed to it. However, this is really going to make a statement in the room. This is kind of a retro feeling tone so you could really use the same designs in the modern or contemporary styles with clean lines of furniture. You could go for more of a tweed style of fabric which is very evocative of this kind of era. In fact you could probably even find some of these pieces at thrift stores and then just give them a good cleaning and refinish the wood so that it works with all of the other furniture that you have in your space and most people won't even know that it didn't come from a new modern store.

You can also have a lot of fun with this on window treatments. If you're going with a high end satin or faux silk then this is something that is very in keeping with what is in designer magazines. However, it might feel a little bit boring. It might even be something that you want to use in a kid's room depending on how easy to clean the fabric is. However, just changing up the color palette is really going to add a lot of shimmer into the space because these kinds of fabrics have a lot of different tones to them depending on the light.

Since this is a retro fabric color it can also be extremely fun. It can be the basis for a cherry design or even cupcakes. This is very whimsical and it's a way to really bring a theme into a kitchen. This really embraces the retro design style and is going to allow you to take items that would normally look old such as your dated kitchen cabinetry or chrome chairs and really turn them into something special. Just updating the one item is going to make your room feel intentional. In this case, you could even take a chrome dining set and just recover the chairs in a durable turquoise vinyl that's going to coordinate with the window treatments.