Eucalyptus oil is very beneficial to you. This oil is made from a eucalyptus tree leaf which is native in Australia. There are over 600 different types of these trees. These trees are native in this country since they survive great during hot weather. This tree is useful in other ways than producing eucalyptus oil. The wood is great on these trees and is used for firewood nowadays however, was used for building houses in the 1800's.

This oil is used to help relieve cold symptoms. Eucalyptus is found in many cough drops and throat sprays. When using this, sometimes people will empty two or three drops into their hands, rub together and breathe in the vapors. If one is sleeping and has severe cold symptoms you may want to try dropping a few drops into a humidifier. This will keep moisture in the room and fill the room with vapors that will relieve cold symptoms. Both of these methods are great for stuffy noses. Breathing in eucalyptus vapors is also used for treating bronchitis and helping reduce asthma. While this oil doesn't completely get rid of asthma, it certainly helps control it by opening up the airway and reducing inflammation. Using this effective oil as a chest rub will also help cold symptoms by relieving pressure and sinus problems. It is currently being researched if it can or cannot help reduce fevers as well. Many parents have rubbed this oil onto their children's skin and have claimed that their fever will be gone by the next morning. Whether this oil has actually helped or if time has really healed the fever is unknown. Have you ever wanted to boost your child's immune system? Many germs are spread at schools and daycares and parents can't do anything about it. Some try to make their children eat lots of fruits and many glasses of orange juice a day just to try to build their child's immune system. Sometimes this does work however; it may become a struggle to force your kids to eat a lot of fruits everyday. You can build your child's immune system just by setting eucalyptus oil scents throughout your house. This is a great and natural oil that should be used by anyone.

This oil is also used as an insect repellant. By pouring a few drops into a spraying water bottle and adding water, you can create your own insect repellant. This works great when keeping the mosquitoes away. Spray a few squirts on your body and rub in. You can also spray the grass area around you to prevent the mosquitoes and other bugs from coming into the area that you are in. Evening spraying your clothes before you wear them will benefit you.

It is important to keep eucalyptus oil away from children. If it is ingested the effects could be very serious. This is poison to the body and should be kept in the medicine cabinet. It is always a safe idea to keep the number for poison control in the medicine cabinet in case any accidents happen.

This oil is not only used for medical purposes, but it is also used as a fragrance around the house. Sometimes people will pour some oil in a shallow bowl and allow the fragrance to fill the room. Other times people will soak their potpourri in the oil and set potpourri in each room of their house.

In many professional cleaning services eucalyptus oil is used in replace of other harsh cleaning chemicals. Spraying down counters, sinks and tables is a great way to use this oil. You can make this cleaning solution yourself by combining mostly water, a few drops of oil and mild soap. It is important to shake this mixture well to evenly blend all of the ingredients together. Cleaning counter tops, tables and sinks are just three of the most popular uses of eucalyptus. Removing stickers that your child positioned on your desk, cleaning the toilet, removing finger prints from windows and removing paint are a few other uses. You can also pour pure eucalyptus oil onto an article of clothing that has ink to remove any stains that the washing machine may not take care of. Also, there may be many tiny mites living on your hardwood floors and tile throughout your house, usually in the kitchen and bathroom. You can instantly kill them by taking boiling hot water mixed with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and using elbow grease to thoroughly wash your floors. This will keep your floors clean for a while and eliminate any mites or other bugs you may not know about that are living in your house.

Taking care of your pets is an important thing in your life. Surprisingly, your dogs and cats can even benefit from using eucalyptus oil. You can both prevent and get rid of fleas by spraying your dog or cat bed down with diluted eucalyptus oil spray (the same mixture that you have used to repel insects). Or you can use this oil as a detergent by washing their bed in the washing machine. You could use this formula as a detergent for not only your pets, but your entire family's clothes as well, although it may get to be very expensive. Getting rid of these fleas will help keep these nasty bugs out of the house, and your pet will be very happy.

You can usually purchase eucalyptus oil at different nutrition stores. If you have any questions about how this oil works, anyone that works at these stores is sure to know. Storing your oil is a very simple process. Most likely it will already come in a small glass container. If not, you should purchase a glass container big enough to store your oil in. This provides the best shelf life for your oil. It should be kept in a dark cabinet away from sunlight. Sunlight may cause the oil to go bad quickly which then will not be useful for anything.

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