Near Field Communication Introduction

NFC Uses

NFC or Near Field Communication has been identified as the future of wireless communication. It was developed to help bridge the gap between consumer and information. NFC provides what a cumbersome and complex network needs. It simplifies networking for consumers by the use of NFC devices where all they have to do is tap the devices together and get connected. NFC alone can replace items from credit cards, ID cards, to your car keys. It can make purchases and make payment easier for you.

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NFC in Sharing Information

NFC versus Bluetooth

NFC is safer and so it is preferred over Bluetooth. Bluetooth consumes a lot of power and it's not safe, whereas a device with NFC feature in it can transfer data like music, files, contact details, etc. without consuming much energy. It's more efficient and safer and it only requires one of the devices with NFC chip embedded on it to be powered. It can be used for wireless connections like Bluetooth and WiFi but it does so at a higher wireless connection speed.

Instead of entering codes to enable sharing such as with Bluetooth; you just have to tap the devices together for instant pairing with NFC. Due to this, there is no risk of a third party entering the code and gaining access to the devices. In the same way, you can pre-configure your device for WiFi access, say a router, and all you have to do is tap your device with the router and you gain WiFi access instantly.

Also, unlike Bluetooth which can only send or receive data one at a time, an NFC device can send and receive data at the same time.

NFC in Social Networking

In today's world, everyone is socializing online. Most people login to their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. So it's no surprise that most of the devices offered in the market come with tons of social networking features that are user-friendly and easy.

With the help of NFC-enabled devices, you can share files by tapping the device you want to share with. You can share information like contact details, photos, voice cards, application, links, and other forms of data. You can even play games on a wireless network and make payments by tapping the device and then entering the amount.

Another feature of NFC enabled devices is that you can check in to Facebook places at the same location with your friends by tapping each other's mobile phones.

NFC for Online Business

NFC promotes e-commerce by making payments safer, faster, and easier. NFC acts as a virtual credit card. You can make payments by tapping devices together.

You can even use your NFC enabled mobile phone to buy tickets for airlines, metro, rail, movies or even concert tickets. It is also used for online purchases and other payment services. You can purchase prepaid refill cards, goods, and services with it. You can also use it for paying utility bills and other types of payment obligations.

NFC as ID card

It's already been stated that NFC is safe. It encrypts data so that the information cannot be misused. Your NFC phone can also act as your ID card as a student, employee, and etc. It can even be used as a key to unlock your car and house. It can also be used commercially in hotels, where your phone will be your hotel room key.

These are just a few known uses of NFC. In time, there will be more as this technology is developed and tried over time.