What makes this awesome gentleman of musical R and B so popular around the globe? Undoubtedly, his ever lovable musical voice. Usher Raymond is an inspiration of upcoming artists who possess inborn stylish looks, mesmerizing dance moves and magical voice and the way he adds emotions to his voice is still incomparable when compared to any other music artists of today. That's why he has been called as the king of R and B.


Usher or Usher Raymond, being born on October 14, 1978, is a sensational R and B singer from the Dallas, Texas of United States. His songs drew world attentions by the 1990s. Ever since then, he began to dominate the various musical charts in US and across the world charts. He is the holder of 5 Grammy awards and his songs are admired by people of all ages. He is rated as the number 1 hot 100 artist as far as the 2000 decade pertained to the Billboard magazine.


What could be the turn-ons behind his success? I feel that it could be his styles both in dancing and costumes. He is one of the best dressed celebrities ever. His moves and steps are always a unique one. His emotional touch ups of a song are also one of the reasons for his successful videos. He seems to be very attractive in high pitch songs as well. He has given billboard smashing videos for successive years too. Besides this, he has proven himself that he can act well too and he is also a philanthropist.


Usher ringtones are so popular as well. We can find even a foreign person who doesn't know what the song is all about use the usher ringtone in his or her mobile. Usher cds are also considered to be one of the all time top selling cds of all time. His famous tracks include " Can you get with it", " Call me a mack", " The many ways", " Think of you", " Nice and slow", " you make me wanna", " Bed time", " My way", " U remind me (was in #1 position in almost all musical charts for more than 10 consecutive weeks)", " Pop ya collar", " U don't have to call", " u got it bad", " Yeah (Very famous song across the globe) featuring Ludacris and Lil john", " My boo featuring Alicia Keys", " Burn" , " OMG featuring Will.i.am, and still a lot more.


Overall, he is the man with every possible talent of a singer and he has created a revolution in the world of R & B. Wishes for him to drive all his music videos to top levels and to win more Grammys.