I have heard of people using 0 percent credit cards and managing not to pay any interest on credit card charges. People do this, and managing credit card debt is a possibility as long as you understand a few key terms used by lenders and borrowers alike. As we all know, borrowing too much against your credit cards and revolving accounts will quickly land you into hot water when you realize the incredibly exorbitant amount of interest that you are going to be paying. The way that credit card companies structure their business models is to get you into debt, and then keep you there by charging interest rates that they know you will not be able to cover. What typically happens, is when you get into this position you usually start applying for more credit cards.

The cycle quickly repeats itself, with you falling in debt over your head, usually more than most people are able to handle. Thankfully though, there is still a way to borrow against credit cards to increase your positive cash flow, but still save yourself massive amounts of money on the interest payments these lenders require from you each month. By using 0 percent credit cards, you are able to borrow the money from the card, without having to pay any interest payments for a set period of time, chosen by the card issuer.

The best 0 percent credit cards are going to give you up to a year to pay back the debt you have borrowed, all while paying zero in interest payments. This means that every payment you make towards the balance of the debt goes towards the overall principal and not the interest that has been accrued from not deciding to pay it down. You can use a 0 percent credit card balance transfer to move the money from one set of zero percent interest credit cards to another set, and actually get away without ever paying a single penny in interest. While this method does take some organization to perfect, it is a great way to save yourself a ton of money over the course of a few years, as well as being able to have increased cash flow, whether for business or personal reasons.

Credit cards at 0 percent aren't available through every lender, so you are also going to have to do your homework to make sure that you are getting the best cards, with the longest interest free periods. The interest free period determines how long you have until you have to move the debt to another card, so longer periods are always better. 0 percent APR credit cards offer you the best of both worlds, by building your credit up, as well as saving you money on interest payments. It is these interest payments that keep the credit card lenders in business, and using the 0 percent transfer credit cards method to borrow without paying interest is something that they actually look down on. All this means is that you have to be careful to not let them onto what you plan to do with the 0 percent interest credit cards that you are applying for.