Many people enjoy decorating their homes and providing a stylish finish which makes them happy and proud to live their. There are many ideas for providing your home with a chic look and one of the better ideas is to install some chandeliers. Over the years these have been the lighting of choice in stately manors and large mansions and you can create this atmosphere in your own home by adding some chandeliers. They come in many shapes, styles and materials and if you are looking to provide a more country style feel in your home, an excellent way to do this is to use some deer antler chandeliers.

Deer antler chandeliers are an affordable and stylish way to bring a rustic look into your home and provide an attractive central feature in a room. For many years people have tried to do this with a stags head or some other similar feature. However a chandelier is a more practical way to achieve this look and is also a sustainable business in that naturally shed antlers of the animal are used, with the animal itself surviving to go on a grow more antlers. There are a number of companies that produce chandeliers made of naturally shed deer antler and a search on the internet should provide you with enough details to make a decision about whether you like the style and would like to purchase one. Generally they are hand made with the best antler possible being used in the manufacture. They can be fairly simple with antlers from smaller deer such as white tail or mule deer being used or can be large and elaborate with antlers from elk or moose being used. Depending on the size of the room in which it will be installed in, you want to choose a chandelier that is of an appropriate size.

Many manufacturers have ready-made chandeliers available or can produce something to your specifications. Finished antler chandeliers really are a work of art and will provide a great talking point for visitors to your home. The cost of a deer antler chandelier can vary depending on the size required and whether you purchase it ready made or custom built. Generally a deposit will be made on ordering with the balance to be paid one you have received the chandelier. Prices vary from a few hundred dollars for a smaller chandelier into the thousands of dollars for more elaborate and larger ones. Installing a chandelier made of natural deer horn or antler is a fantastic way to get a rustic, countryside feel into your home. They, or wall light sconces, are a practical way of providing lighting in a room as well as being stylish and smart and if you match the chandelier with some beautiful rustic furniture it will make a great look for your home.