recumbent exercise bikeAre you a multitasker? A recumbent exercise bike offers a myriad of uses and advantages beyond just a sleek and sexy design. Apart from prompting the person exercising to maintain good posture while pedaling, a stationary recumbent bike user can freely exercise, getting a great low impact workout while reading or watching television. Also worth the purchase is a recumbent exercise bike with adjustable automatic resistance settings to enable the user to adjust the equipment to his/her workout needs.

Another feature that may come in handy is a quality digital console that has a heart rate display. Depending on the model of recumbent bike, this feature can also show the number of miles cycled, the users pulse rate, calories burned, and spped. This is a great feature for calorie-conscious fitness buffs following how many calories are being burned on a constant basis.

Exercisers will also benefit from a recumbent exercise bike with variations in programs that can allow the user to simulate a course which may range from an easy low impact workout to the more difficult.

Want to buy a no-frills exercise bike? If all you want is a reasonably priced simple model with a cooling fan and maybe a heart rate monitor, and none of the other extra features like audio systems and liquid crystal displays, there are basic options like these in the market to satisfy your need. You can check out this page for some of the best recumbent exercise bikes for home gyms

Read helpful tips, including a buyers guide, before buying, to be able to get an effective exercise bike that's suited to your main requirements. Finally, check to see if your exercise equipment comes with a warranty.