Specialty landscaping tools are a “must” for people that really want to make their home have great curb appeal; tools like a hedge trimmer and lawn edger fall into this category. However, sometimes the regular versions of these specialty tools simply don’t get the job done.

For instance, a 22 inch battery operated hedge trimmer will require you to take out a ladder in order to trim hedges that stand a few inches over your head.

A telescopic hedge trimmer is the perfect solution to this specific problem because it retracts when you want to trim the branches that you are able to reach, and extends when you want to trim the branches that are too high or deep for you!

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How Long Do The Telescoping Trimmers Extend?

The most truthful answer to this question is that it completely depends on the specific hedge trimmer that you are purchasing; however, you started reading this paragraph with the intentions of finding out a specific number, so that’s what I am going to give you!

Most of the telescoping hedge trimmers that are available will extend up to 10 feet.

The average person has arms that are about 2 feet long, so that means that their total reachable length would be 12 feet while using a telescoping landscaping tool that extends to a length of 10 feet! The length would realistically be a little bit more because the actual trimmer is about a foot and a half long!

Amazon has a ton of extendable hedge trimmers that will allow you to reach the deepest and tallest hedges in your yard!

How Are Pole Hedge Trimmers And Telescoping Ones Different?

The truth of the matter is that the two landscaping tools are almost identical. Their purposes are relatively similar because they are both meant to allow you to trim hedge branches that couldn’t be reached before.

However, the main difference is that a pole hedge trimmer has a set length of 2 or 4 feet, and a telescoping hedge trimmer will allow you to use it as a short or long reach landscaping tool!

You can actually make your own pole hedge trimmer by simply securing the tool to a long metal pole. My grandfather ended up doing this with a lot of twine and some tape, but I would recommend using things that are more secure (like screws or nails). Alternately you can take a look at the pole hedge trimmers on Amazon to find one that falls within your budget.

Should You Choose A Gas, Electric, Or Cordless Extendable Trimmer?

Once again, this choice is completely dependent upon your specific situation, some people would be better off with a battery powered one, and others with a gas! I will go over the specific benefits of each type of trimmer.

Gas Powered Telescoping Hedge Trimmer: The main benefit to this type of landscaping tool is the sheer mobility of it; you don’t need to be near an electrical outlet or have a charged battery to operate it! However, the downside is that the gas powered motor makes your hands smell after using it to trim your hedges. This would be absolutely ideal for professional landscapers.

Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer: This is definitely the best bet for people that want a portable landscaping tool but don’t want to dump money into filling it up with gas on a frequent basis. The only downside to any battery operated tool is the lack of power that they possess; a battery motor simply can’t produce as much power as a petrol powered one!

Electric Hedge Trimmer: These are the most cost effective hedge trimmers on the market because they are generally cheaper than the two alternatives that were listed above; however, they also come with a downside of mobility. You are basically limited to the distance that your extension cord can reach!

These are the three types of hedge trimmers that you can use for all of your landscaping needs; each of them has their own list of benefits, but the choice is ultimately yours!

I would like to say that every household could use a telescopic hedge trimmer, but it simply wouldn’t be true. These extendable trimmers are only useful for houses that have tall or deep hedges to trim, or obstacles that prevent the homeowner from being able to reach the branches. You should definitely consider buying one if you are in this specific situation or have trouble trimming the hedges around your house!

These extendable trimmers can also be used to trim the small branches of a tree in your backyard. These branches are often 15-20 feet tall, and cannot be reached with a simple pair of hand sheers; however, one of the trimmers from this article will definitely get the job done.