Sous Vide Supreme Water Ovens Are Easy To Use

Sous Vide Supreme Water Ovens Cook Tender Meats

Sous Vide Cooking: Pretty Simple

I am by no means a chef or a good cook. However, I do like experimenting with new recipes and ideas.  I like anything that will make me a better cook.  Also, anything that allows me to cook faster since I am pretty busy is always a plus. 

I have a Water Oven.  I saw these advertised on t.v one day and I decided to go to their website and read up on them and I watched the videos on the site as well.  They seemed pretty cool.  I liked the way they looked. They didn't take up a lot of space.  The digital readout seemed easy to read and looked nice.  I like appliances that look nice and cool so this was a plus for me.  Also you can cook food ahead of time and save it in your fridge for months.  Then when you are ready you can pull it out, let it defrost, and you are all set.

Cleaning the water oven was easy because all you had to do was rinse it out. You are cooking with water and the food is sealed in airtight pouches so there are no greases to worry about.  This is what, according to the videos and  YouTube videos said made it special.  You are cooking the food in it's own juices for an extended amount of time and this increases the tenderness and flavor. For around 300.00 bucks ( cost of appliance) I was going to be able to cook like a high class chef. 

There are two  drawback of this, the price and you need a food sealer ler to cook your food in.   I figured why not.  You only live once and since I will be able to cook cheap cuts of meat and they will come out tasting like expensive ones (according to the videos) I will recoup my investment in x amount of years.

Time To Cook Sous Vide:

Once my $300.00 appliance arrived I opened the box and as I pulled it out the words went through my mind, "What is this #%$%!" It felt flimsy and before I could finish unpacking I was looking for the return policy. I decided to give it a chance however.  I followed the instructions in the included cook book and made reference to a YouTube video on cooking with this thing. 

I chose to cook steaks. I used flank steak like the video said.  I didn't braise the meat however. I think you are supposed to do this.  I vacuumed sealed the meat and put it in the water bath.   I set the temperature the way the book instructed me.  The temperature is very important.  If it fluctuates a little bit this can affect the outcome of your meal.  The SousVide Supreme regulates the temperature with a laboratory accuracy. Also, the meat cooks at around 131 degrees and for a few hours . I set the meal to cook and when I later checked on it, the steaks were finished.

What Did I Find When All Was Said And Done? Let's just say I tossed the box and the return policy papers in the trash!  When I pulled my meat out and opened the bag it smelled good and looked good.  I didn't really season or braise it, but the texture and tenderness was what I was testing since this is what the commercials hyped up.  My meat was tender and juicy.  There really isn't much more to say.  In my opinion it was worth the 300.00.  Now I will explore other meals that involve, pork, chicken and salmon.  Not a bad deal in my opinion.

Cooking Flank Stank