... or Shopping Spree, or Even Home Improvement!

As a college student, I've been selling my textbooks back to Amazon after each semester. Because their buyback program offers a fair price for my books, I usually do not spend money each semester for books. I simply use the Amazon gift card credit from selling my books to buy my books for the next semester.

One day I realized, what if I bought cheap textbooks locally and sold them back to Amazon? I could potentially double or triple my money. For example, if I buy a textbook for $25.00, and sell it to Amazon for $75.00, that's a $50.00 profit!

Selling textbooks on Amazon is easy. Here are the steps:

1) Sign up for an account if you don't have one. If you just want to check the price of your current textbooks, simply click the link in step 2.

2) Go to Amazon's Textbook Buyback Program.

3) Type in the books ISBN, Author, or other information that will bring up the correct book. ISBN numbers are the best!

4) If you are happy with the buyback price, click "Trade In" and follow Amazon’s steps to finish trading in the book.

Here are a few helpful notes:

-          Using the ISBN number is the safest way to check the price of a book. The edition of a textbook can be a $100 difference in buyback price.

-          Be sure to check out Amazon’s buyback guidelines for books to make sure your textbooks qualify.

-          Prices fluctuate, so if you feel the price is right, go ahead and sell the book.

-          Amazon buys back electronics, books, video games, music, and movies. I’ve found that textbooks have the best payback and the highest margins.

Here are some ideas on where you can find textbooks if you would like to make money through Amazon’s buyback program.

-          Craigslist: I’ve found a few good deals on Craigslist for textbooks. Look for science, math, engineering, medical, law, or other technical oriented books. General education books like philosophy, art, or other liberal arts books generally don’t sell back for much. Craigslist is a gold search, because if someone can write a Craigslist post, they can probably figure out Amazon’s buyback program

-          Set up notifications using www.notifinder.com to email you when a textbook is posted. You can define keywords (textbook, calculus, etc), location (gas and time is expensive), categories (books, all for sale, free, etc), and how often you want to be notified.

-          Setup fliers at your local university or college. A flier that reads “Competitive book buyback. Get cash for your break! Email your ISBN#’s to youremail@email.com” gets the message across. It may be helpful to create a new email through Gmail or Yahoo! that is easy to remember, like textbooks4cash@gmail.com or similar. Be sure NOT to use the schools name in the flier or email. This is considered copyright infringement.

-          Some schools would prohibit setting up a table to buy books. If you can, this is a great way to buy books back. Be sure to bring your laptop with WiFi so you can check prices before you purchase. Bring as much money as you are willing to invest, and pack-up when you are done.

-          If you are planning fliers or a table, be sure to set up during finals week! Frazzled students would love to have some cash to go celebrate.

-          Some schools have secondary parking that is off-campus. This may be an alternative to buying back books from students off school campus.


Now, I mentioned cheaper vacation. Once you sell your textbooks back to Amazon, mosey on over to Amazon's gift card section. You'll fine gift cards in restaurants, travel, clothing, sports, to a spa, even home improvement! The gift cards are mailed to your house, and you just traded textbooks to help pay for your next vacation!

I wish you the best success. Happy book hunting!