The Attraction of Beautiful Eyelashes

While some of us were born with gorgeous flowing natural eyelashes, for most of us that is not the case and we have to turn to solutions such as lash extensions or attempting to bulk up our eyelashes with mascara. Surprisingly, even women who do have beautiful eyelashes still aren't happy with them and wish they could see a bit more natural length and volume.

Because our eyes are one of the very first things people see when we are out in public, it is only natural to want to make the best possible impression. One of the best ways to make your eyes look stunning is to accent them with full and flowing eyelashes.

So what can you do to bring out your own movie star lashes? More and more women are now discovering that they can stimulate the growth of their lashes using an over-the-counter eyelash grower. This may sound farfetched but new scientific developments in the cosmetics field have led to some powerful new products that can actually encourage new eyelash growth. These products are often a true blessing for anyone suffering from severe eyelash loss or thin and brittle eyelashes.

What to expect from an eyelash grower

Typically, you must commit to using a product daily for anywhere from several weeks to two months before you will start to see any noticeable results. The products usually come in a tube that looks like mascara or liquid eyeliner. You use a small application brush to put the eyelash enhancement liquid directly on the base of the upper and lower lashes. This is usually done once per day until you get your desired length and volume.

How Much Do They Cost?

Most eyelash growers cost anywhere from around $40 to $130 and while this may seem rather expensive, they do tend to last a long time and end up being pretty economical when compared to other beauty products. There are some products available in the $12 to $30 range but they typically get mixed reviews from customers. Your best bet is to pick a product that gets good feedback from users, even if it means paying a little more money.

What About Side Effects?

As with any product that you apply near the eyes, you do have to take care not to get any of the products in the eye or it could potentially cause some irritation. Outside of that, most eyelash growers being sold are fairly safe and have a low reported incidence of side effects. In most cases they are mild and include redness or an itchy sensation which subsides when you stop using the product.

Will These Help with Eyelash Growth?

It appears quite clear from reading a number of product reviews online that they do work and in some cases work exceptionally well. The best way to find out if an eyelash grower fits in to your beauty regimen is to try one. Start slowly and make sure that you don't have any reaction, and then you can increase your usage accordingly once you know that your body is responding well to it.

Shopping For a Product

Many top products come with solid, customer-friendly return policies so you can try them out without too much financial risk. Who knows, you may just fall into the growing group of women who have made eyelash growth product standard equipment in their vanity cabinet. Want to learn a little more before you try one? There are several good online articles that offer more information about growing longer and thicker eyelashes as well as some product recommendations and tips for maintaining healthy eyelashes. As you can see, having the eyelashes you've always dreamed about is easier than you thought. Your favorite celebrities all seem to have flawless lashes and with a little help, you can too!