Over the past few decades heart monitoring technology during exercise has come a long way. Not that long ago they started out with a basic unit that consisted of a transmitter and sensor which you would strap to your chest and a receiver which was usually fastened onto the wrist. These basics heart monitors were big and clumsy, but these basic units still exist today. But they have evolved to be smaller, more attractive to the eye and more accurate.

Using an heart rate monitor watch to improve your workouts

using an heart rate monitor during workoutsSome sport watches even have built in heart monitors with features added to them such as heart rate adjustable alarms that beep when you reach a certain heart rate during exercise. Heart monitoring technology keeps moving forward and the higher end models on the market come with a facility to download the data that they receive onto your computer. This data then tells the user how they are performing during the exercise workout, knowing this information plays a vital role in telling the person if they need to slow it down or go faster during their workouts.

If you are thinking about using an heart monitor during your workouts, there are a few important things that you will need to know first before you begin. First of all you will need to know what your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate is. This is usually determined by your age, fitness level and gender. Most heart monitors in the marketplace will come with all the information included to get you started straight away.

During exercise, your body will use different energy sources to fuel your workouts at different heart rates. So by monitoring your heart rate during exercise. You have the technology in your hands to quickly find out exactly that energy source is being used to fuel your workout. If your aim is to lose fat, then you will need to make sure that you are using fat to fuel your workouts. This is achieved by working out within your required heart rate range for a set amount of time, more detailed information on this will come with all good heart rate monitors.

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