Have you ever wondered how you can see a wave of free, organic traffic flowing into your site? Article Marketing is the science of creating content and submitting it across the web in hopes of garnering visitors to your site, blog, or affiliate article placed at the end of the post.

The first law of creating content for generating profit is to give some sort of value to the audience. Failing to do this will render everything else meaningless, and article submissions will do nothing for your profits. The best value-packed content I have ever read describes a certain topic, provides solutions, or fixes an issue the audience may have. No matter what your content format is, it is essential to be sure that your article consists of stellar content and relevant information.

Law number two for content creation is to never promote any product in the body of the content. This could be lumped in with the first law, but I figured I would give it its own distinction to make it really stand out. Readers are not looking to buy anything and don’t want to hear a sales pitch while they are reading. Your purpose as a writer is to provide information. The sales pitch should be on your site which they will hopefully visit after reading your post. Furthermore, most article directories will deny your submission if it is loaded with sales copy.

Submitting Your Content

After you’ve created a top-notch article and have created a writer’s toolbox which is built for lots of clicks, your next step should be submitting your content to as many free article submission sites as you can. What’s the point of spending all that time and energy writing if you are only going to put it on one article site? To maximize the profit potential of each of your excellent pieces of content, it is important to submit it to as many free article sites as you can. There are a few ways to do this:

Submit your content by hand to each of the best article directories versus shopping for paid services which will submit your articles.

The first method will take you some time and is quite monotonous. The second will obviously come at a price but is totally worth it if you are serious about article marketing. By the way, article marketing is a long-term business plan. That being said, don’t get cheap or waste your time submitting by yourself. Pony up and get a decent submission service to get it done.


Using Article Marketing To Get Loads Of Free Organic Traffic