Bamboo window treatments have regained their popularity in recent times, and today's trend toward embracing cultures around the world has helped return these Asian style elements to the forefront of window decorating ideas. Japanese culture in particular has gained increased amounts of attention for its emphasis on natural beauty. Window treatments done in Japanese style appear to be among the most innovative modern designs.

A home's windows are the gateways for outdoor light to come inside. Therefore, windows become the main focal points of each room. A reason for the new surge in Japanese design popularity is the way the culture incorporates natural materials such as bamboo, hardwood and rice paper. These natural textures bring elegance and natural beauty into a room. They help with the amount of relaxation and comfort that you and your family and guests will experience.

Japanese design has long featured bamboo window treatments. Bamboo roll up blinds and bamboo screens offer subtle yet classical aesthetic appeal. In modern design, their versatility makes them excellent choices for many rooms. The bamboo window coverings have proven simple to roll up and also to maintain. They perform optimally at controlling light that enters the room. They allow in subtle amounts, or, rolled up to the top, they let in all the available light. Dark blinds made of other materials can darken a room too much. White blinds sometimes do not keep out enough light. Bamboo treatments, usually a shade of medium tan, add natural elegance to the room while giving more subtle options for natural light.

The Japanese do not limit themselves to bamboo window coverings. Japan-inspired designs for traditional fabric curtains do not sport boring, dull designs. Instead, you can find these Asian curtains made of fabric with bright colors, abstract shapes, and ornate patterns. They make bold statements. With so much variety to look through, you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the different themes, materials and colors available today. It will be tough going making up your mind, but it should prove a lot of fun too.

An additional element that you can bring in to update the look of your windows, and one not often thought of, is using curtain rods inspired by Japanese design. Bamboo home accents can be purchased readymade or you can elect to make them yourself at home. Once you find a readily available source for bamboo, you are ready to start crafting a variety of items for your home. In addition to window treatments, you can construct floor mats, room divider and decorative screens, tables, and other furniture. Do it yourself craft projects using bamboo are endless.

Whether you go for bamboo in your window treatments, or set about adding additional Japanese inspired details, you can establish a nicely lit home with a beautiful and cohesive sense of style throughout.