“Auto-tuning” has become synonymous with vocal pitch modulation, particularly in music. The Autotune effect can be heard in many popular pop, hip-hop and R&B songs, and you can also utilize this technique at home. If you use Logic Express or Logic Pro, you have at least two options for achieving this effect.

First, you might purchase the Antares Auto-Tune EVO plug-in. If you want the “official” Auto-Tune sound, this is the way to go. You can purchase the plug-in from the Antares website and install it on your Mac (just place it directly into the “Components” folder) so that it integrates seamlessly with Logic. Then you just need to open Logic Pro (or Logic Express), open your “Mixer” window (Window > Mixer), click the “I/O” drop-down menu (on any channel strip containing vocals or other effects that you want to auto-tune) and select the Antares Auto-Tune plug-in.

Your other option is to use Logic's own pitch correction plug-in to achieve a similar effect. It's not quite as good or as customizable as Auto-Tune, but Logic's Pitch plug-in is easy to use and will save you from having to spend money on third-party software. To use it, just return to your “Mixer” window and select (Enhance > Pitch) on the “I/O” drop down menu.

When the Pitch plug-in window appears, you can begin adjusting your vocal effect. You can tweak with the settings as much as you would like, but for a general Auto-Tune effect within your selected key, just select “Major” under the “Scale” menu, then select the key of your song on the “Root” menu. Drag the “Response” meter down to “0ms.” This setting should leave you with an Auto-Tune style effect.

For advanced users, if you want to get crazy with it and designate a specific musical note for each sung or spoken word, you will need to return to your “Arrange” window (the main window), click (View > Track Automation) on the menu bar and click the “Pitch” setting in the left column of your selected track. You can then adjust your notes along the horizontal grid, just as you would using the official Antares Auto-Tune software.