Shopping for baby gifts is a lot of fun for most women, especially for those who are mothers themselves or simply love all things baby. However, for the shopping challenged among us, thankfully there are tons of websites full of baby shower ideas to make the job a breeze. The baby shower invitation itself may provide a starting point for selecting a gift.

If the gender of the baby is known, the shopping experience becomes much easier. Moms to be of new baby girls are often delighted with all things pink and frilly. Tiny little ballerina type crib shoes and items with a princess theme are big hits with Moms who are all "girl" themselves.

It used to be harder to shop for a newborn boy, but today the choices in clothing and accessories for baby boys are just as numerous as those for girls. If the parents are fans of a particular sports team, tiny little ball caps or t-shirts displaying the team colors and logo are always welcome. Other ideas are to use hobby or occupation related boy gifts like plush tractors or motorcycles or tools.

If the baby's gender is a surprise there are still a number of great baby shower decoration ideas for gifts sure to please the parents to be. At the higher end, items like car seats, high chairs and baby bouncers are a must for a new arrival and are truly appreciated by the family just starting out. Every day items like towels, blankets, socks, diapers and baby wipes are needed for several years and can be dressed up in a decorative basket or toy container for a nice gift.

If you are clever and crafty, you can transform even mundane baby supplies like packages of diapers into a great baby shower ideas. Boxes of diapers in various sizes can be wrapped in the same paper and attached together to form a pyramid or tower and topped off with festive ribbons and baby rattles or bottles. Your useful but somewhat boring gift is now the talk of the party guests.