Regardless of your animal's age, species or predicament, Bach™ flower essences (or Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, as they are commercially called) can be used in minor emergencies.

Bach™ flower essences are safe and easy to use, and can alleviate mental and physical symptoms, such as tension and anxiety. They are highly appropriate for animals who may be emotionally disturbed in painful situations. Any animal – captive, wild or domestic – can experience fear or shock in relation to trauma from accident or injury.

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How Flower Essences Work

Flower essences function in a different way than pharmaceutical drugs. Rather than immediately reacting to an animal's physical state, the influence of flower remedies is much more subtle. Working harmoniously with the energy structure, they "are similar to the acupuncture meridians used in Chinese medicine, or the chakras, familiar in Ayurvedic philosophy." (McIntyre, p. 273)

Complementary to other forms of medicine, such as homeopathy, BachTM Original Flower Remedies are ideal for use in conjunction with traditionary veterinary medicine.

At no time should they be used to replace expert medical treatment. In crisis situations, flower essences are best administered by a holistic animal health therapist or veterinarian who is experienced in tending such cases. 

"It is important to monitor changes in the animal's demeanor so remedies can be adjusted accordingly" . . . "it is vital, when assessing the true nature of the case, that the animal is considered as the animal that it is, no more, no less." (Urwin, p. 17)

A Rescue Remedy for Pets 

The most versatile remedy for pets is RESCUE Remedy® Pet. It combines the five individual remedies of Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis and Impatiens, which will calm and relax your pet naturally.

RESCUE Remedy® Pet is suitable for first aid purposes and stressful events, such as vet visits or car travel. The remedy is ready to administer by dropper, and is alcohol-free and non-toxic. Administering this remedy can be done either by adding four drops to your animal's drinking water, applying directly to the mucous membranes in its mouth, or on a treat.

Individual Bach™ Flower Remedies suitable for emergency care:

  • Honeysuckle
  • Clematis
  • Wild Rose
  • White Chestnut
  • Walnut, and
  • Crab Apple.

Honeysuckle: a flower essence for use in a veterinary clinic or at home on occasions where an animal’s energies are visibly low and depleted. This can occur in instances where there is exhaustion from the birthing process or excessive blood loss from injury. It is of benefit to those in varying states of recuperation, and is a known energy revitalizer, notably in older animals.

Clematis: a remedy for situations where there are the physical symptoms of fainting and/or unconsciousness. Its use helps to increase the alertness of animals that are comatose (from accident or from another cause), and will aid animals that are recovering from the drowsy effects of anaesthesia following surgical operations.

Wild Rose: a flower remedy that is most suited to a situation where an animal is resigned in its suffering of a long-term ailment. The animal will be showing low levels of vitality and have a passive, somewhat disinterested, view of life around them. The Wild Rose remedy counteracts feelings of apathy, and instead renews a sense of purpose and energy in the animal.

Wild Rose – Rosa caninaCredit: User:tony7 / morgueFile

White Chestnut: a positive use in emergency situations where an animal may be experiencing the outward signs of mental confusion. Associated behaviors of this can include restlessness, tension, pacing and jitters, which the White Chestnut remedy can help to alleviate by settling and quieting the mind.

Walnut: a valuable remedy to have on hand in a clinical situation, when an animal has experienced the surgical removal of a body part, such as an eye or limb. Walnut can help the animal adapt to the loss, whether from disease or accidental cause, and enables it to cope with the abrupt change in its circumstances.

Crab Apple: a helpful choice in the case of emergency situations that involve poisoning. The Crab Apple flower essence helps to internally cleanse the body of any toxic material, and is a useful complement to medically treating poisonings that have been the result of insect sprays, chemical exposure, or food or water contamination.

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Please note:

This article has been written for the sole purpose of informing owners about a form of complementary treatment that may be available for their animal/s. The above information should not be used to self-diagnose a pet or treat any animal for a serious, life-threatening condition.

In all situations, consult your local vet and/or holistic animal health therapist for their expert opinion. Always act on professional veterinary advice, in accordance with the severity of your animal’s physical condition. This is absolutely critical in matters of life and death.