Google Guide to Back Links

Using the tools you learned in Back-Link Link Magic is easy, you just need a bit of organization. If you missed the course you should definitely go back and read it. The Back-Link Link Magic course details a few basic fundamentals for changing your websites Google Page Rank and authority in the Search Engine Page Rank. The two algorithms are very different but have a direct relationship to each other.

There are a few steps involved to changing your Google Search Ranking. First we are going to use Tinyurl and Bitly to get our sites brand new links. Open a word pad document to organize the links.

Go through every page on your site and generate a new link from Bitly and Tinyurl. Use keyboard commands to make this process easier.(Ctrl+C= Copy, Ctrl+V=Paste) Keep in mind that you must promote each individual page on your website to improve your overall Google Page Rank. One page at a PR8 and another at a PR1 will decrease your overall rank and decrease your authority in the search engine ranks.

Now that we have our newly generated PR7 links it is time to promote them. Internet marketing is the key to being an authority in the search rankings. You will want to market yourself in a way that is Organizing Back Linkspositive to your website and your money making goals. I am a freelance writer. I will be using Xomba, ShetoldMe, Facebook and MySpace to promote my work. MySpace and Facebook have groups geared toward internet marketing.

Navigate to your Xomba account and prepare your text. You want to post your links in bold because it indicates to Google bot that something important is happening. Once you have your text ready post your Xomblurb. You have successfully created a back link from a PR5 website. That, my friends, is internet marketing. You now have a vote pointing to your site from Xomba giving Google a big Thumbs Up!

Now you have 2 other links right? You can distribute these for internet marketing. You can post these on Facebook, Myspace, Digg, or Stumble them. Posting on forums is a great way to improve readership and gain a steady flow of traffic. Your main goal in monetizing a website is to make money online. Be conscious of your actions and sow your money making seeds in the right places.

Xomblurb for Back LinksUsing the tools in the Back-Link Link Magic articles show you the right way to build quality back links. Before long, with good SEO and internet marketing, you will have raised the Google Page Rank of your site, and gained yourself a permanent spot at the top of the Search Engine Ranks.

You don't need to participate in link farms to gain authority in the search engines. Simply explaining your product, and marketing yourself in an honest way will get you to the top. It takes a lot of work to build a website and make it earn. There is no quick way to make millions online. You cannot simply throw together a website and hope that it earns. By being sloppy and not paying attention to, SEO,(Search Engine Optimization)and internet marketing, you set yourself up for failure.

Starting out on the right foot, and building a quality site, will ensure you gain favor with Google. Work hard, be diligent in your quest for quality, and let Google's algorithm do the rest.