Bed frames


  • Also known as bed stead, the bed frames are made from wood or metal.
  • A bed frame is constructed from foot, head and side rails.
  • This doesn't mean that all the bed frames are constructed in this way. For some large beds like king beds which are really large, the frame can include a center support rail ( creating a box for the mattress to sit on ).

We will list different types of bed frames :

  1. Captain - which has drawers beneath the simple frame ( the space utilization is better, you use all the available space for a good purpose ).
  2. Platform - Usually comes without a box spring
  3. Water bed - the frame is "heavy duty" and needs to support the heavy weight of the water in the mattress.

Other components of the bed frame ( an optional component) that can be installed is the bed headboard.

They are made from metal or wood and can be painted, stained or covered in leather and other fabrics.

Bed rails

These are made from metal or wood and are attached on a footboard or on some headboard types.

The bed frames and rails are attached to the bed with the help of the knock-down fittings ( these enable the bed to be easily "torn" apart for removal )

Listing some types of knock-down fittings for the bed rails:

Plate and hook fastener - an eye plate will be installed on the bed post and these hooks will be also installed on the rail.

Allowing the hooks to fasten the plate will depend on the type of the hardware.

Pin and hook fastener - A mortise will be cut in a vertical way in the bedpost.

Many pins will be inserted in the bed, they will align perpendicularly with the mortise.

The hooks are installed at the very end of the rail and they are part of the plate that is attached to the rail.

These hooks will be inserted into the bedpost and hook the pins.

Bed bolts - a bolt will be inserted into the hole that is drilled in the bed post. ( the bolt head will be covered most likely with a plug ).

In the bed rail, the nut receives the bold.

As a side note, you can add some safety rails to the side of your bed ( this is an advantage as it will keep everything in the bed and will not allow you to fall over when you have a bad dream or if you have a baby in the bed ).

A good bed frame can be something that will improve the value and quality of any upholstered beds that you may have.