Interior Designing With Colors

Using Colors to Liven Up Your Home

dining room

In many showrooms the walls, ceilings, and floors are subdued with variations of beige. Vibrant colors such as orange has come to insinuate itself into our homes. Add to that another up and coming "hot" color, chartreuse, and you have a color combination not several of us can live with. New colors are brought in each season. So how can we stay up-to-date without being outrageous? Maybe there could be ways to merge new and sometimes radical colors into our decor in little doses.

Colorful Dining

The sole place one might use the orange color is on a dining table. A table setting for a party could be pretty using these vivid, acid colors. Create a centerpiece by filling up a bowl using bright oranges and putting a few green limes for accent. Or, you could use a bundle of plump orange/yellow peaches. In this manner you can be in vogue without painting the whole dining room orange.

Cheerful Summer Party Decor

For a summer party on the porch, fill up a huge clay pot using ripe nectarines or kumquats to apply as a centerpiece. Or fill a bright yellow plastic watering pot with anemones or daisies. Fill large colorful buckets with ice to contain bottles of soda on a side table.

Colorful Oversized Napkins

Oversize napkins are great for buffets or outdoor dining. These are a breeze to create from scraps of pretty and colorful printed fabrics. You will get the look you desire for pennies and a few minutes of your time.

Cut each square into pieces having a measurement of twenty-two to twenty-three inches. Fold under 1/8 inch of the raw edges and press. Again fold back 1/8 inch and press. Stitch around hemline by hand or machine. Fold and roll up each napkin and tie using a ribbon, yarn, or raffia. Next, fill a basket with the rolled napkins placed on end. They make a practical and pretty add-on to your table.

Tabletop Decorations

Decorate a table using crushed stones or pieces of crystal. You can also use marbles or sea glass scattered over the table. Then place votive candles in glass containers here and there, and the light would glint off the glass.

Quick and Easy Tabletop Decor

Scatter a bagful of confetti in bright primary colors (chartreuse and orange perhaps) or pastels over the tabletop prior to adding the plates and silverware. You could also scatter shells around and arrange your votive candles in large clamshells. For a truly summer feel party, ready a table using something orange to look at how you like the color. A table cloth could be nice with chartreuse napkins and orange zinnias as a centerpiece. Or scoop up the fruit from half an orange, lemon, or grapefruit and utilize the cups to hold votives.

Brighten Dull Colors

When the paint on your walls is too flat and you require a richer effect, it's easy to add a bit of zing. Put on a coat of eggshell varnish over it all. A different way to get this effect is to mix equal parts of transparent glaze using the same color paint for the second coat. High-gloss polyurethane over the painted walls would also contribute luster. Test these methods on different pieces of poster board and hang them on your wall to see how each one looks. Leave them there for a few days to select the best one.


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