Business presentation folders are almost a requirement, if you have an office or business. They keep things organized and also help you to present ideas to clients. However, you may not be using business presentation folders efficiently. They are, after all, more than just ways to contain paperwork.

Often times, you may not realize just what an impact your presentation folders could be having on potential clients. After all, Printed Presentation Folders can say a lot about your company. Here are a couple messages you can send with your presentation folders:

My Company Is Organized:

If you keep your presentation folders organized, it shows that your company is organized. So, if you plan to put things in the folders, such as business cards, CD's or brochures, allow for that. Creating custom pockets for such things shows extra effort.

My Company Cares About The Environment:

Many print companies are more than willing to create folders from recycled materials. In fact, you'd be surprised at the number of materials that can be recycled and made into such folders. By purchasing your folders from a company that uses recycled materials, you make a statement about your company's attitude regarding environmental issues.

My Company Is Different From The Rest:

When you incorporate more than just the basics in your presentation folders, you show that your company stands out from the rest. For example, you might use a colored folder. You could use a folder with a unique and colorful design. You could even make your folder a unique size or shape. Any or all of those things will make your presentation different and more memorable.

All of those statements can be made with a simple folder. It's amazing what a difference the right folder design can make, really. How hard is it to create such a folder, though?

Well, these days, folder creating is actually very simple. Practically anyone could do it, if they have a computer. All you have to do is download templates from your print company. Use those templates to create a unique folder design for your company. Then, send it back to the company and tell them how many folders you need. It's that simple.

On top of that, you can print any amount of folders you like. It wasn't many years ago that that would not have been possible. Old printing methods meant that every printing was extremely expensive. So, in order to cover costs, people had to buy in bulk. That meant a lot of waste. Now, though, you can create only as many presentation folders as you need and order more any time you need to, which is great news for your company and for the environment.