Christmas decor can really add a lot into your room. Since so many people have it up just the basic red and green can seem a little bit tired. You can still get a traditional look that is going to stand out.

It makes a ton of sense to just go for a luxurious look. You could even work this into your everyday artwork by just going with simple framed gold leaves. You can find these at craft stores. Just use a simple one in a shadow box. Otherwise it would seem too garish. This can match all of the other decor in your space as well as your regular Christmas ornaments. Instead of going with cheesy gold tinsel keep it sophisticated even though you might have to spend a little bit more money. Head to the thrift store to pick up a lot of old mirrors. You can use this as part of your centerpiece or use the frame as artwork.

You can also continue the metal theme in the space with silver pinecones. You could try pray painting this yourself for free artwork. Depending on how much work you're willing to put into this you could just go with a very basic ring around a candleholder or picture frame although you'll need to be aware of candle safety. Add it to your Christmas tree, use it as ornaments, or even just use it as part of your garland. One of the more adventurous and time consuming projects is going to require that you make a wreath out of this. Natural pinecones also work well as long as you really just make sure that you class it up with a satin or silk ribbon or ornament additions.

Bring in fresh pine boughs whenever you can. This can line a table or a fireplace mantle. It brings in a fresh scent although you'll want to make sure that it doesn't scratch anything it's on. This is enough decoration all by itself and it really turns it into something really fresh. People are used to seeing these on wreaths and of course the classic Christmas tree. This is just a chance to make an expected material really unexpected.

You can also be inspired by the sea for your holiday decor. This is going to be a different theme that can really help you match your holiday decor with your everyday décor. Again, try going with metallic paints. You could also wire seaglass onto ornaments or wreaths and it really sparkles next to lights. You could even make a simple tree skirt with organza scarves, especially if you have a smaller tree. This is an economical and an unusual way to decorate.

Continue the theme throughout your decor. However, you can just turn it into something quite different just by trying to create sandcastles instead of a basic Christmas village display. You'll want to make sure that you stay away from clichés such as fishing nets and instead keep it very elegant.