What is compost?

Compost is a nutrient rich black soil, created from a variety of decomposed plant and animal materials. Compost provides many benefits when used.

·    Fertilizer
·    Soil Conditioner
·    Natural Pesticide
·    Humic Acid

Why is it good for lawns?

In my neighborhood every spring all my neighbors unload the heavy bags of fertilizer they purchased from the store. The fertilizer is then spread across the lawns to keep them green and growing for the next few months.

Adding compost will carry out the same thing as spreading fertilizer, except it provides more nutrients for a longer time period.

Where can I get compost?

Compost can be purchased at most home improvement stores. It will range in price from very expensive to relatively cheap. If you are planning on purchasing compost, you should plan on getting the best you can afford.

For many people purchasing compost isn't an option they have ever considered. Anyone can make compost with nothing more than debris from their trees and organic matter from their kitchens. With the right mixture of kitchen scraps and yard waste, you will be on your way to a greener, healthier lawn.

How do you apply compost to your lawn?

Compost can easily be applied to your lawn with a gardening rake. Simply small amount of compost and spread it around with the back side of a gardening rake until you have a thin layer (about 1/2 inch) spread across your entire lawn.

When should it be applied?

The best time to apply compost to your lawn is in the early spring before your lawn becomes green and thick. This will allow the compost the chance to give nutrients before the spring rain and sunshine creates a growth spurt. This doesn't mean that compost can only be used in the spring. Any time of year is acceptable for spreading the compost. In my area everyone seems to be looking for reasons to be outdoors in the springtime.

Compost can also be applied several times a year. In fact this is a good idea if the soil is in need of conditioning. Several applications can help loosen hard soil. As long as each application of compost does not suffocate the grass, it can be applied as often as desired.

Why can't I just use the fertilizer from the store?

Using fertilizer for feeding your lawn is like living on a diet of chocolate cake and Mountain Dew. It'll keep you alive, but there are better ways to survive. Compost has added bacteria and nutrients that are not present in store-bought fertilizers.

Store bought fertilizers may only realize 30% of the nutrients they have, requiring application 4-5 times a year. Compare this to the use of compost, where one application can last a full year or longer.

In Summary

For an all natural way of achieving a thick green lawn, consider using a thin composting layer across your lawn. Make it past of your yearly spring activities for an inexpensive and highly effective way to a thick green lawn.