The shelving commonly found in the small rooms of old homes is usually small. You'll often find newer homes are purposely built with spacious storage cabinets, in most circumstances this fact negates the necessity to add shelves. However, in older homes storage space can be a problem in smaller rooms. Don't worry though, a good way to overcome this obstacle is through the clever use of corner shelving.

Not so long ago, we fitted out our kitchens with smaller cabinets, this was to allow for additional space to cook and prepare food. These days we see a far larger proportion of bar counters in comparison to the tables of yesteryear. People were accustomed to using window corner shelves to increase their available space. All of these factors combined and contributed to the well known fact that shelving was minimal back then.

Many people are hesitant to remove the age old and beautiful retro cabinets within their homes. This is a great incentive for people to look for alternative means to build corner shelving and improve storage space. The upper cabinets are often smaller than the bottom ones so it's a good idea to place spinning corner shelves within the lower cabinets. This works well for small food items as it allows you to use the space above for dishes and crockery.

Today, people are more inclined to buy easy to cook foods which has the knock on effect of filling our homes with plenty of smaller boxes. Naturally, these boxes will need storage. If your home features a walk in pantry you're in for a big surprise. Often these walk in pantries feature shelving to one side which means they are usually a great place to install corner shelving on the bare side.

The installation of corner shelving in an older residence will also help to maintain its traditional appearance. Corner shelving has been a mainstay feature of historical homes; therefore it's the absolute perfect addition any tradition loving old home owner could make. If you have odd shaped nooks in your home consider adding some corner shelving to really enhance the look.

It is common for people to cover up unused areas of their home. This provides unusual spaces that make for a good corner shelf. A prime example of this is chimneys and fireplaces. If the fireplace is out of use, it's common to cover it up. Rather than simply covering you can enhance the appearance and drastically improve your storage issues with corner shelves. Use the shelves to display attractive ornaments, photographs or vases. The phrase killing two birds with one stone has never been more apparent.

The key to success here is to be creative. Let the imagination run wild position and reposition again until you're satisfied you've attained the most atheistically pleasing corner shelf arrangement. Take a good thorough look at your home and you'll soon notice the areas like they were custom made for corner shelves.