There are many styling options available when decorating any room within your home. Window treatments are often thought of as the finishing touch within the room. The style you decide to use and what decorative ideas you use with them can make or break your overall design. One of the final steps to putting up the perfect draperies can be found with the use of curtain tie backs. These are often used to accent the draperies, and they also allow the window to present itself with a larger appearance. There are several different types of tie backs available that can be used to create a dramatic effect within your room.

Curtain tie backs can be found in a variety of materials, since they can be made from almost every type of material. Some people like to use the same material as what their curtains are made out of because this creates a blended look. However, many people like to go bold and use different materials that accent the draperies. Different types that are often used include tassels, cords, bows and ropes, which are often available in a variety of colors and sizes. A few more materials that can be used, but are not traditionally used, can include neckties, ribbons, scarves, and even necklaces or beaded curtain tie backs.

Seasonal Curtain Tie BacksIf you love to change the theme of your home depending on the seasons or holidays then your options are even broader. During the springtime you may consider using a string of fabric or even silk flowers to hold back your draperies. Summertime may provide the opportunity for you to use decorative sea shells on your draperies. Christmas is a great opportunity for you to use your red curtain tie backs. A few elegant options can be found in red velvet or ribbon. These are all unique ways for you to express your overall style and cheer for the seasons and holidays.

While it is fun using different materials to open up your window draperies, it is also important that you Tassel Curtain Tie Backsknow where to place the tie backs. This will vary depending on factors such as window size, curtain material, and the look that you are trying to achieve. If you want your draperies to hang loosely than you should consider positioning your tie backs approximately 1/3 from the top or the bottom of your window. There is no right or wrong way to place them, but it is a good idea to try different positions so you see what best achieves the overall look that you are trying to accomplish before securing them.

The main point to remember is that there are no solid rules when using tie backs for curtains in your home. Have fun with it and use whatever design and materials you feel best display your own personality and style.