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What comes to mind when there’s a discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC? Does this mean product is discontinued from consumer use due to problems in the formulation or simply because the product is being phased out? Will the consumer still buy products of the same label or will he or she simply stop using it? The MAC makeup line has been known to the public especially to the advertising and show business industry for decades. It was acquired by the famous Estee Lauder in1998 but still up to this day MAC signature lives. But what could have been the possibilities why there is an obsolete eye shadow makeup for MAC? When and how did the cosmetic line started? As they say, great things start in small beginnings.

How the product began

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The MAC make-up line has been known to the public since 1984. Two Canadians – a salon owner and a makeup artist - conceptualized the cosmetic business and established it that same year. Presto! MAC makeup came into existence. The three letters represent the acronym of “makeup art cosmetics”. The objective of the cosmetic line was not only just to satisfy the conventional needs of their users, but also create uniqueness in their products. This would mean eye shadows are not only for one color but mixing three colors produce a sophisticated look. So why was there an immobile eye shadow makeup for MAC industries? Let us find out first though what MAC contributed to the business and to the world.

MAC to the World and as Trendsetter

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MAC has a complete line of over 160 shades of lipsticks and eye shadows of about 150 variations. They have reached their goal in conquering the world of trendsetters and even the world of vanity. However, they also made a name to the contribution of social issues of the world. One example is the MAC AIDS Fund in 1994 where it raised $128 million by the year 2008. Though the real owner of the line is not very well identified, MAC Cosmetics raised ample amount of funds and helped AIDS victims and other related charities. But why was there an obsolete eye shadow for MAC?

Should You Buy Discontinued Eye shadow Makeup For Mac?

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At first, you look for a makeup line that suits your skin type. Then find in awe that there’s a product you believe is just the right one for you. Then all of a sudden, breaking news brings it to you saying the product has been discontinued. Then you scream “Why?” Well, there are a few reasons why makeup brands, including even the trusted names in the industry, discontinue their products for consumer use. People believe that it probably has something to do with the formulation that is why it had to be withdrawn from the market. But if this is the case, wouldn’t a company actually stop operating due to the mentioned reason because of probable health issues?

In the case of MAC Cosmetic lines, there was an actual discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC. However, this was not because of the above mentioned usual unfounded information that might be the cause of the discontinue. It would rather be because of a unique marketing strategy of big companies. They phase out old products by introducing the same product in new packages to create interest with the new one. A plus to the marketing strategy is that the old packaging could still be bought in limited offer and so create a sense of urgency to the public to grab it. Despite of rumors of the reasons why there is discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC, the real deal is that the company has made a better and more exciting alternative to the product line and at the same time gets a better off-the-price deal for the old ones. These are the little known surprises about discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC. But getting your hands on these products is surely a steal.

MAC in Today’s World of Fashion

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In today’s modern world of glitz and glamour, MAC made the word trendsetter into perfect use. With stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and other popular icons, MAC product lines created a natural but fabulous look for them. Whether for the outrageous and sophisticated creature to the natural and earth-inspired lady, MAC Cosmetics has the answer for present show business needs. As they say, people come and go in the fashion world, but traces of their lipstick and maybe their eye shadows remain.


MAC is presently selling their old-package products for half the original price. Still, these are selling like hotcakes. Online, most lipsticks and eye shadows sell for less than half the original price. Most are wholesale with variations in sizes, tones and colors. So when people speculate on rumors of why there is discontinued eye shadow makeup for MAC. Let them know that it is not because there was a wrong formula that might have put a health risk in most consumers of the product but that there is a possibility that there are new packages of the said eye shadow line for renewed interests and create a new craze to the fashion industry.

Better alternatives and ideas emerge from changing or repacking these cosmetic products. Not to mention pretty discounts for the products that are in the phase out list and make consumers say “I need to buy these or else I got nothing” or those typical words. So much for the weariness this hearsay might create on discontinue of product lines, let’s just put in mind that a top possibility to why there is a change is due to newer and better trending in the makeup world. Marketing strategies make products better and better as time passes. So age would be the only thing to stop. But definitely to set the records straight, the discontinued eye shadow for MAC shouldn’t stop you from using it till MAC itself tells you so.