Your regular dry vent cleaning that you have to do periodically is one of those tasks that often gets put off for longer than we like to admit.Unfortunately the longer you put off the task of cleaning your dryer vent the messier and more difficult it becomes.For this reason we all need become more vigilant in proper dryer maintenance and get to our cleaning system sooner rather than later.It also helps to have proper dryer vent cleaning equipment on hand to make the job even easier which of course gives us more incentive to get the job done on schedule.

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Complete Dryer Vent Cleaning KitTo clean a dryer vent properly it first behooves us to know what type of dryer vent cleaning equipment we should have on hand and why it can help us out.Additionally we should remember why dryer vent duct cleaning is so important and how often we should undertake this task.

Above all dryer duct cleaning is important because dryer lint traps do not catch all dirt and lint from escaping the dryer tumble chamber.Over time the exhaust that travels through the dryer ducts will carry this excess lint and it will slowly accumulate inside the dryer vent system.This is bad for a couple reasons.First, the excess lint in the dryer duct can be a fire hazard and second it can slowly build up and deplete the efficiency of the entire dryer system.

12 Gallon Wet Dry Shop VacTo effectively mitigate these problems we have a dryer vent cleaning tool which basically eliminates the debris in the dryer duct lowering the risk of fire and improving the air flow for better energy efficiency.The cleaning tools that are most appropriate for this type of work include at minimum a shop vac, dryer lint brush, lint trap brush, and rotary vent cleaners.

Obviously the brushes work manually in cleaning the lint out of a dryer vent or duct.They are essentially long flexible poles with a stiff brush on the end.This type of dryer vent cleaning equipment is the cheapest but yet it is much better for the dryer ducts and your efforts than using a random pole around your house.The brushes are typically attached to the end and are the perfect size to brush all sides of the dryer ductwork whereas a makeshift vent cleaning system you make yourself may not be the exact size.

Dryer duct brushes are quality vent cleaning tools but they might not have the ability to break through clogs in your dryer vent system.To break through lint clogs your dryer vent cleaning equipment has to be a little more robust and substantial.A rotary dryer vent cleaner is basically the same thing as a lint brush in that it is a brush that enters the ductwork to eliminate the excess lint however because it is attached to a rotary head it can act like a drill and power through lint clogs.This may not be necessary if you stay on top of your dryer duct cleaning but may be necessary in certain circumstances.

In the end, no matter how you clean your dryer vent system you will want a shop vac to clean up the debris in the ducts and the floors around your workspace.This is also handy because it is not only dryer vent cleaning equipment but also a useful tool to have in your shop for all types of projects. A good vacuum with hose may be similar but a good shop vac may be better for dirty jobs like these because they may be less likely to clog themselves.

Always remember that proper dryer vent cleaning equipment is not necessarily necessary it just makes things easier for you; the important thing is to clean your dryer vent in the first place to maintain safety and energy efficiency.