Light Up your Easter Eggs

If you like to decorate the house for Easter, then try your hand at a center piece using Easter Egg Lights for added enjoyment.

You can now get string lights and decorative lights that operate on battery, so there are no electrical cords to fuss with. It is just a matter of hiding the little battery pack out of the way.

You can start by creating a small basket and filling it with special treats, or plastic eggs if you don't want any chocolate ones. Make sure you fill the basket with the bright and colorful grass filler that you can get for Easter, and then after adding all the plastic or real eggs, you can then include the Easter Egg lights. Make them look like part of the egg collection, and then when you turn on the lights at the dinner table, you will amaze your guests!

You can get simple lights, that stay on, or you can get twinkle lights, but you can also get these cool Easter Egg lights, that softly change colors, almost like mood lighting! Placed in the basket with your other eggs, these can really bring that center piece to life.

You could also create a Easter Egg Wreath, using a straw wreath ring you can get at craft supply stores, and glue lots of plastic eggs and Easter grass in purple and yellow to this wreath. You can then hang this wreath on the door for the upcoming holiday, and then you can take it down and sit it in the center of the table for a beautiful Easter Center Piece.

Take a decorative glass bowl, and fill it with more colorful plastic or decorative chocolate eggs and sit it in the center of the wreath (which you now have laying flat on the table) and wrap the Easter Egg lights around the wreath for added entertainment.

Or you can use a well protected candle as the center piece, and then the wreath as the base, and place the Easter Egg lights in the glass vase and watch them give off a soft glow. Turn down the house lights, and this will make a festive dinner table center piece.

There are all kinds of ideas for creating a beautiful Easter center pieces this year. You can get your kids involved in coming up with ideas, and then you can simply add the battery operated Easter Egg lights to the decoration and watch everything come to life.

Center pieces can also make great Easter gift ideas. It could be your contribution to a family dinner, and if it is also filled with real treats, then everyone can see what is for dessert right away!

If you have created some hand decorated beautiful treasures, such as blown eggs that now have been personalized, you can sit them in a bowl, and have the Easter egg lights wrapped around the Easter Egg Lightsbottom of the bowl (on the outside, don't want any breaking from the weight of the lights) to give off a soft glow and to draw attention to your creations.

You can get Easter egg lights at most discount stores, but you can also get them online at such places as Amazon.

3" Colour Changing Battery Operatec Led Egg

You can get gorgeous glass vases, bowls and jars at the dollar store now, or local discount stores. You don't have to spend a lot to have a festive table. Using battery operated Easter Egg lights is a fun way to take your creation to the next level of entertainment.

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