If you're planning on remodeling your kitchen soon, consider going "green" and helping the environment by using eco-friendly cabinet products. "Green" home design is no longer just a passing trend, but a permanent element of today's home remodeling and home design industry. Many cabinet manufacturers thus offer a wide selection of "green" cabinet products to cater to environmentally-conscious homeowners. Your kitchen cabinets can constitute over half of your kitchen remodeling budget. If you're hoping to go "green" with your next kitchen upgrade, it's definitely worth it to consider eco-friendly cabinet options. Here are just a few points to consider when you're shopping for "green" kitchen cabinetry.

Sustainable Forestry
The Environmental Stewardship Program (or ESP) is the main program that oversees "green" practices in cabinet and wood product manufacturers. One of the main requirements for a manufacturer hoping to become ESP certified is that it must get its raw materials from a recognized sustainable forestry program. When a manufacturer employs sustainable forestry practices, it means that the resources used to make its products were taken in quantities low enough for the forest to renew itself without suffering permanent or long term damage. When shopping for your new kitchen cabinets, look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) labels.

California Air Resources Board Certification
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) gives certification to cabinet and wood product manufacturers that can demonstrate that their products (at least 80% of them) produce low enough formaldehyde emissions to meet the stringent CARB Compwood ATCM standards, which are the lowest formaldehyde emissions standards in the world. Manufacturers who want to get CARB certification for low formaldehyde emissions must have their products tested by a CARB-approved, third-party lab.

"Green" Manufacturing Practices
Look into the manufacturing practices of a cabinetry company before you purchase their products. Specifically, find out whether they employ a sustainable recycling program or environmental management systems. If you're planning a bathroom remodel, San Diego cabinetry specialists can help you stick to your eco-friendly goals of making your home " greener".

Environmental Community Involvement
Another good thing about ESP-certified cabinet manufacturers is that, in order to be recognized by the ESP, they must not only make a commitment to "green" manufacturing practices and sustainable forestry, but also to being active participants in the environmental community, either by donating to environmental group and organizations or sponsoring renewal programs.